Sunday, September 20, 2009

could not believe my closet

Okay, this morning I went to my closet to find something to wear to church. Ladies, I believe I had a breakdown! Yes, it was one of those fit throwing, pity parties that only I seemed to be invited to. I didn't want anyone else there but me and my little vain, pitiful self. I must have tried on six or seven outfits only to not like any of them. I just threw them all down, and said, "I need some new clothes!" I am not one of those girls who likes to window shop. If I'm not buying myself something, why do I want to be in the store, only to see something and wish I had it in my closet? I know I cannot be the only girl who does this. I can picture women all across the world at seven in the morning throwing clothes and not finding anything at all, when in reality they have a whole closet full of clothes. My husband turns to me this morning and with a smile says, "Hey, is that outfit number 4 or 5?" I could have thrown everything in my closet on him. Then he politely says,"You look really pretty this morning." Ugh, that is not want I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear, "Oh honey, why don't you go shopping and buy yourself a new outfit and a purse to go with it." Now, that would have been something great to say to a distraught woman. Why is it that we can be so vain? I remember being a teenager and waking up at four in morning to get ready for school, now it takes me an hour. Either I have gotten better with my time, or I have just gotten the attitude of I really don't care.I think it must be an hour is all I have so lets hop to it girl. I must care, cause I hate to go out of the house without a shower and my hair done. Why is this so important? I have no one to impress, and if I did, why am I even trying to impress them? We seem to think we need a new color, a new cut, a new outfit and yes, new shoes and a purse to make us complete. No amount of make-up, no amount of clothes in my closet or accessories is going to complete me. We try so hard to look our best. So who are we really dressing for, ourselves, our husbands or other women? We can either dress for ourselves, trying to make us feel better. We can try to look great for our husbands, or we can compete with other women. Which is it for you? That is kind of a hard question to think about. There is some reason we cannot seem to go out of the house without being perfect.We are fearful of who we might see. Yes, we might see Sally down the road, who has it all together and God forbid we allow her to see us in a mess. Which, ya know, Sally just might of had herself a fit this morning too. We see the billboards, the television, the movies, and we see ladies in the mags looking great, the way we wish we looked, but ladies, those mags are not real, and what we see on television and movies is not real either. It is hours spent in hair and make up, air brushed mag covers with women who seem to have the perfect figure. Nothing is real about these women. But for us, we are real, we are daughters of the King. He has sealed our future with His love, and we are created in His image. There is beauty in everyone He has created. Beauty is in our hearts,not the kind of jeans we have on, or the make up we purchase. We are not defined by the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the house we live in, or the things in our closet. We are defined by who we are in Christ and Him alone. It doesn't matter if your shopping daily, once a year, at Nordstroms or Walmart, your price tag doesn't tell who you are or how much your worth. We keep looking at the outside and we really need to be looking in, thats where are real treasure is. Matthew 6:21 says;"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." If we are walking with Christ, then His beauty is shining through us no matter what we have on. Beauty is in the love we give, the time we share, the words we speak, and the heart we allow others to see, its all those little things we do in secret for others that no one knows about. Don't look at yourself and try to compare yourself to another woman, may we begin to look at ourselves and compare us to who Christ wants us to be. If He can see the beauty within us, it will flow outward for others to see. I do know what I need to do, but yes, I do struggle just as you do. So as I wake in the morning I need to be thanking my Savior for all I do have, for all that He has given me, not having a fit right there in my closet over what I think I need to make me a better person. I need to be content with what I have, and joyful for all Christ has given me. I stopped searching for a Savior long ago, so why am I still trying to complete myself with the things of this world? Christ completes me, no one else. If we have a heart full of bitterness and jealousy we are going to look mighty ugly on the outside no matter what we put on. Clothes are not going to cover up a lieing tongue, a hateful attitude, or a selfish mind. They show through pretty easy, so instead of standing infront of my closet, I need to be standing infront of my mirror asking God,"How do you look on me today?" We need to be putting on the fruit of the Spirit and letting Him shine forth for all to see, then our real beauty will be seen by others, Christ will be seen by others. Galations 5:22-26 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other." Real beauty is found in the cross~


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