Sunday, September 20, 2009

we each have one

We each have a story to tell. We each have stories we want to share with others, but at times writing them or sharing them on the computer is just not the place. Stories need to be told from the heart and in person at times. To sit with another and hear their story of life, of trials and blessings only brings your bond closer. Sometimes we are afraid to share our stories, we're afraid of judgement, of condemnation, and fear those who are hearing it will tell others. We all think that Judy down the road has such a better life than we do, we think the family that just moved in the neighborhood has the greatest children ever, and our new friend Connie is blessed to have such a hard working husband. We all like to assume things, when we should never assume anything. We think that what we see on the outside or what someone has told us tells the whole story, but it never does. Most things are not what they appear to be. Every family has its trials and heartaches. We all have those days where we think things are greener on the other side, well, thats not always so. Most of the time what we have others are wishing they too had. We to often look at others from a distance, and we don't see whats on the inside. A smile on ones face just might be the cover of their pain, as laughter is for another. What are stories if they cannot be told? I think as we go through trials, as we learn what God is teaching us, it is a blessing to share with others, sharing allows them to know they are not alone in what they are going through. When we can share, we are able to pray for one another and lift each other up. When someone asks how your doing, don't just smile and say, "Oh, I'm fine." Be honest, you don't have to share everything, but let them know you need prayer. No one should have to carry their burdens alone. We have Jesus and His strength, but its also a blessing to have friends to lift you up, to ask how are ya, to be involved in your life and to pray for your needs. While my husband was at church tonight a friend asked him,"How are you guys making it without you working?" He wasn't sticking his nose in, he was concerned, he was being a friend. If you have those special people in your life count yourself blessed. God knows just who we need in our lives, and just when to place them there. Is that not just amazing? Sharing with each other gives hope, it gives blessings to a broken spirit. Don't keep your stories inside to carry them alone, share with another, a trusted friend who will pray with you and for you. When we share our stories we also give praise to God for allowing us to overcome and to help another going through the same thing. I think we would all be amazed if we were just all honest instead of trying to put on a show and pretend that our lives are perfect. I don't mean trash your husband or children infront of a group of women, I mean sharing with one friend what is on your heart. There is a big difference in sharing and gossip, and at times we try to allow ourselves to think we are just sharing when in fact we are gossiping away. Share your stories, not those of another. We have no right to share stories of others. That causes pain to many and is not lifting, but tearing down what is already broken. I have shared alot here in each of my stories, in each one there is a piece of myself being unfolded before you. May we share all the burdens and praises we have with those who are close to us, and when God calls us to share with one, may we not be fearful, but open our hearts to share with another.


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