Sunday, September 20, 2009

what is it that you fear?

At times we can carry so much on our hearts. So many times we stay to ourselves, we keep away from others because we are afraid to get hurt. Hurt is one of those things, those emotions that will touch us all. I can honestly say I don't fear alot, but then again I fear being hurt. When you put your heart out there for others, when you give, when you try with all your might to keep in contact, when you are giving all and you still have no response, it hurts. It hurts when you want so badly for things to work out, your trying your best to be positive, to have hope and the moment you think things have gotten better, you take a few steps backwards, and you begin to think, "Why do I keep trying?" Life brings us joy and life also brings forth hurt. If we are going to open our hearts up and love another, we have to open our hearts to the possibility to be hurt. So the Lord has been teaching me and showing me, no matter if I get a response or not, whether things work out or not, I still have to love, hope and try with all my might. In order for Christ to work through us we have to be willing to keep that door open always. In life we lose family, we lose friendships, but there is one who will never disappoint us, nor will He leave us, and that is Jesus Christ. I can't find joy in my family, my children or my friends, the only One who can fill that empty spot in my heart is Christ. Nothing or no one can take His place in my life. We want so much to be accepted and needed, and when we are not, we cannot seem to understand why. The only one who really knows my heart is Jesus, so I need not to worry about what others think or do. For me, I need to pray that God will use me to bring glory to His name. I need to pray for those family members I have lost, and the friends who are just not there anymore. God knows all circumstances, He knows the needs of each one, and He knows my heart, so for me, I need to increase my prayer life. I need to spend more time with my Savior and less time worrying about those around me and if I will be accepted and loved by others. Do you ever feel that way too? Why is it that we so need to feel accepted and loved by all around us? I think it is just natural that we want to be loved, but the kind of love that some want to give is not the kind of love I need. I don't need condisions placed on my love, I don't need friendship here and there, and I really don't need friends or family that just seem to come around when needed. That is not what love is. Love is not always taking, its giving until you have nothing left to give. Today we fear so much in our lives, when really we just need to give control over to God, with His love there is no place for fear. At times we are afraid to love out of selfishness, out of a hurt we had in the past, and at times we are just too afraid to open ourselves up to others, fearing they will not like us or they will they accept us as we are. Jesus is the one person that will not hurt me, will not say He doesnt have time for me, nor will He leave me hanging. He is the one who can bring me peace and comfort, along with laughter and lighting my face up with a smile, knowing He is there. Whether I am alone, in the car, at the store, hurting or on a new project, He is there 100% of the time. When I call Him there is never a busy signal, and He is one who calls back. He is who life is all about, He is who my life is all about and with Him there needs to be no fear. We all fear different things, what is it that you fear the most? Is it losing your child, being ill, being a widow, losing your job, losing your friends, your family? Some are fearful of storms, some snakes, some driving, and some are fearful of just about everything around them. If we are living our faith, should there be anything to fear? 1 Corinthians 13 is my favorite chapter in the bible. It speaks on love, what is and what it is not, and without Jesus we cannot have real love. But with Him, we can experience a love like no other. In verse 4 it begins like this," Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 1 Cor. 13:4-7 Can the love in your life say these things? Is the love you are giving say these things to others? Love is also giving your time to another, its making time for those you love. So for me, this is the thing I fear, getting hurt by those I love. It has happened in the past, it is happening now, and I am sure it will happen in the future, but with Christ in my heart, I don't need to fear this, this hurt that seems to eat you alive if you do not let it go. Christ's love covers all, and His love is what I need. I need to continue to love those around me, even though I am not receiving the love I am giving. Christ paid the price for love. All that He did was out of love, nothing else. For His love of the Father, and for His love of His children. I want to be an open vessel for that kind of love, that kind of love to share, giving all I have for my Savior.


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