Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is she a keeper?

I have a few girlfriends who have a hard time trusting and sharing with other women, they have been hurt so badly by girls in their childhood, or women today who call themselves friends. I have some friends who have always had many girlfriends, and just seem to place their hearts out there for all to share in. Whether you are young or grown having girlfriends and trusting can be very hard. Some stay with us for a lifetime, some we too grew up with, some come for a season, some come in and out. Our paths cross with so many women, who can you trust? Who do you call a friend? What do you look for in a girlfriend, and what do we expect? As a friend and I were sharing with one another, we had one of those light bulb moments. Some friends call and wish you a happy birthday, some call and check on you when they know you are feeling badly, some send cards, flowers, give gifts, and share so much of their heart with you. The kind of friend we are to our friends is the kind of friend we expect back, and when we don't receive this we feel hurt or feel as though we aren't as close as we thought. God places women in our lives for many reasons, but all are blessings meant for us and them. As girlfriends we give and take, hopefully we are giving much more than taking. Sometimes we can get so rapped up in our lives we forget the close to us, and we never intend to hurt them, but we do at times when they are not feeling our close friendship. I have girlfriends who are my bff's, they are not just there for a season, but they are there for the long haul. They are the girls who leave me texts with scripture, they are the ones who cheer me on, they are the ones who share in my life and my deepest thoughts. They are the ones who do not gossip behind my back, and are nice to my face. Its hard to get to know women. Its hard to share at times, and its hard to trust. We have those who we can worship with, we have those who we can learn with, we have those who we can disciple, who we can reach out to. At times we are that friend in need and its your girlfriends who are lifting you up along the way. At times we may be able to give 80% to our friendship and others 20%, it would be nice if 100% was happening always, but sometimes we are being the friend and at others we are needing the friend. Life is hard enough as a woman, a wife, and add on your chilren, your job, your home,all other responsibilities we have and to fit your girlfriends in too is hard work. I have a friend who is overwhelmed at home with children and homeschool, so I don't get to see her as much as I would like, but I know she's there.I have a girlfriend who works outside the home and when she is home its catch up for all that she couldn't fit in in the week. I have girlfriends who are trying to take care of sick relatives and do not have extra time now. When girlfriends cannot be right there in our lives isn't it cool when God places others right there in your path? I have new friendships, that I feel as though we have been friends for a lifetime. We have those girlfriends who we are close with, and those who we can laugh with, see movies with, study with, maybe learn from, each one in our lives gives something totally different. Just as a rainbow has its brillant colors, without one it wouldn't be a rainbow. Each color adds to the next, and brings out a new color. When we add color we get new ones, and if they are really special there is even a pot of gold at the end. That pot of gold is full of the blessings each one as added to our lives. Its full of the big moments and the small ones that touch our lives daily. Girlfriends are a unique gift that the Lord has given, whether you have one, two or ten, one in your life is a blessing. We must remember we want great friends, so we need to remember to treat our girlfriends as we want to be treated, with love. We are all different, and we all give in different ways. We show our love in different ways, why should this be hard for us to understand?Just as a little boy is excited over a big catch, and he asks his dad if its a keeper,his dad will take a good look at it, and say,"Sure it is,its a beauty."A friendship with a christian woman is a keeper, its something special that only we can understand. A girlfriend is someone you hold dear to your heart, she is a sister to you, she reaches out and she can know your looks, knows your thoughts, and can finish your sentences. When you have someone inwhich you can share,laugh,cry,or make fun of you have got yourself a keeper. When your girlfriend is honest and tells you your shoes are ugly, she is too a keeper. Girlfriends are an extension of our family, the love and bond we share is valuable to who we are. Our girlfriends always know, we never have to say a word, they can read our face, they can even hear it in our voice if something is wrong. If you have a keeper, tell her so today, tell her just how special she is in your life.Tell her shes a beauty. I hope my girlfriends know just how amazing they are to me.They are keepers for sure..


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