Friday, August 7, 2009

Are you hungry?

Have you ever gotten up late at night craving something strange that you didn't have? I seem to have those late night pangs for food, not really food, but snacks of any kind. But at times we think we know what we what, what we need and have to have, but nothing seems to satisfy us. I can get out the hot pickles, the icing left over, a piece of cold pizza, or some whoppers and go through everything still feeling hungry. When we used to take our kids swimming at Jacks Fork, we would pack a lunch for all of us. Nothing tastes better than sandwishes, chips, potato salad, and an ice cold drink when you have been swimming. But the amazing thing is you seem to never get full, you just keep eating and eating. We hunger after things in which we do not need, and for our hunger for things to satisfy we can begin to make bad desisions trying. We seem to go from this thing or that. Just when you tell your child they cannot have candy before dinner, what do they begin to want more than anything? The candy. We as parents know it will not satisfy their hunger, the proper food will. We can hunger for many things, money, attention, success, beauty, sex, drugs, fancy cars, a big house, all the world has to offer, or so we think. Our hunger after these things can get us into trouble. They can be temptations that turn into sin with one act. We can begin to hunger after something so much we are willing to do almost anything to get it. And at times, we will do anything, no matter the cost. Many want and hunger for fame. Fame comes at a price, as does anything else I mentioned. When we were born, we were hungry. We began to have our mother's milk, then as we grew we could move up to big food, the solid food. It is also like that in our walk with Christ. As new christians we begin with milk, the first things we begin to understand, and as we grow we no longer just need milk, we need the solid food. We need more and more of God's word as we grow. The more we grow the more we hunger. We have to make sure we are feeding ourselves with the right food and giving our hearts the nutrients it needs. I have a friend who makes the best hot pickles you have ever tasted. They could win an award. She gives them to me, and I can not just eat one. Soon I go and get a few more, and before I know it the whole jar is gone! Then ofcourse in a few hours I am not feeling so grand. I am beginning to pay the consequences for my actions of eating much more than I needed. I didn't need to eat all those pickles, but they tasted good for the moment and the fullness lasted only until I was sick. That is how sin acts in our bodies that were made to be holy for Christ. The sin may feel great for the moment, but its flavor is not going to last long, and soon we are going to need more and more to try to satisfy our need. We can hunger all our lives or we can go straight to Jesus and be fed by His love. Nothing will ever satisfy like Jesus. When I was younger I looked many places for my fill, I searched many people, but soon found out no one or nothing can give me what Christ can give me and make me feel the joy that lasts forever. I remember the first time with my husband we attended his relatives anniversary party and through my eyes I saw for the first time people laughing, singing, and having the best time of their lives and no one was drinking, no one was even smoking. I turned to my husband and asked,"Why is no one drinking or smoking?" He shared with me that they were all christians and they were filled with such a joy they just had a great time everywhere they went. This was an awakening to me. In my family someone was always drinking, or smoking. My families never got together without drinking, and I remember as a child, that never turned out good. Someone always allowed their temper to flair and all the happiness they thought they were feeling came to an end. For me, I sadly though all families were like mine. This was a whole new aspect of life for me. For me now, I haven't had a drink in eighteen years, nor have I smoked since then. We can get addicted to those things which we think brings a little happiness. For my mom, she has smoked her whole life and has now quit. But the consequences of that little bit of happiness is that she now has emphysema, and suffers as she cannot walk far without resting. God knows exactly want we need, He also knows our wants and He can give us the strength to overcome them. He has the power and the might to give us, to work through us to achieve great things here on earth for His kingdom. That saying,"You are what you eat", is really true. What we put into our bodies as well as do with our bodies effects all we do and who we are. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6 "For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness." Psalm 107:9 Stop looking for those things to satisfy that will never be enough. Look to the lord for all your needs and He will give you the strength to overcome your wants..


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