Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is in a friend?

When I was in highschool I didn't have really close friends. I had many girlfriends,but none I would say I trusted enough to call best friends. As I grew into a woman I knew I was missing those relationships. The real ones that touch your heart,those that give you such blessings. After I became a christian, I began to pray for those relationships with women. To bond with, to share with,to learn with, and just to laugh with. The Lord started sending many women into my life. Each one is so different. I remember the first time I went to Women of Faith,I thought wow,how great it would be to have "porch pals" as they call them. They just seem so close and have a connection that you know was made by God's grace. I have my own set of porch pals now. They are the ones that make me laugh, the ones who share all good and bad. They call early in the morning or late at night just to share a little something special. They are the ones who know what your thinking before you even speak. They laugh at the dumbest jokes with you. They talk to you while your in the bathroom, or doing the dishes. They are the ones that tell you if you have a booger in your nose, or when your underwear are showing. They encourage you with love, with sincere love.They send you little notes,or give you great gifts. They even make you bracelets that they know you'll love. They just seem to send a text just when you need it. They are there for you when life gets you down. You can go to each one for something different,for they all have gifts bestowed to them from Christ. They ask you to go shopping,you go out to dinner and movies. You share your deepest secrets and thoughts and you know without a doubt that they are safe. They are the ones who pray for your children,not talk about them. They are the ones who stand by your side when things are really going bad. They always seem to have your back, even when we have no idea. They cheer you on when you want to write a book,make cards,want to begin a jewelery company or sell Mary Kay.They are the ones who sing special songs just for you to be blessed. They help pick you up, lend a shoulder to cry on, or give Godly advice. Some of the best times are just listening, and praying silently to yourself as they speak. Its knowing no matter what they will never leave yourside. My friends, my close friends have helped to mold me into who I am. They are Godly women who each teach me how to walk closer with Christ. We can study together, we can learn together, and we can laugh together. Your best girfriends will never let you down, and even though you may not see them everyday,you know they are praying for you and your family. My porch pals have brought so much to my life. They have wiped tears from my cheeks, they have brought a touch a glimmer to my wardrobe of love. They each know just how much I love them, and just how special they are to me. They are my sunshine on dark days, and my umbrella holders when the rain seems to pour. I am blessed daily by those loving ladies who are so close to me. I feel so special that they too chose me for a friend. I pray we can all grow old together and wear those funky purple and red hats when we are old. I pray we can worship and praise the Lord with our hands raised for many years to come. I hope we can laugh until the tears fall, and share moments that we can only understand. My friends are not judgemental, they are forgiving and understanding. They were all, each and everyone worth waiting for. God brought each of them into my life at just the right time.They are the ones you want to call first to share with, and they are the ones who have the voice that just gives peace to a situation. Some have taught me to laugh, some have taught me to cook and what it means to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Some have taught me the meaning of not judging, and looking back, giving grace as God gives me. Some have taught me pity parties are for wimps, and to place my eyes on Christ. Some have taught me how to sew, and how to have fun doing it. And one of the best has taught me to never give up on anything or anyone. Some have taught me that my dreams are worth striving for. One blessed friend told me just a few days ago that God has something great instore for us. They are the friends that want to go door knocking and share the word. They are the ones who stop everything and are there for you at the drop of a hat. They are the ones who take the phone calls when they are so very busy. They are the ones that cry with you, share in your pain, and pray for God to move in your life. I cannot say where I would be today if were not for my porch pals. They have helped me move on away from my pain and let the Lord carry it. They have added so much to each day of my life. Bobbie,Tami, Dawn, Julie and Shirley you have been there for me and know my story, you know my life with all my mistakes and blessings and you choose to stand for me, to love me, and to share this walk together.You are my porch pals. There are many more ladies in my life that I love deeply, these ladies hold a special part of my life. I couldn't have been blessed with any better.Dawn and Bobbie, you are my glimmer girls that have helped me have fun and laugh,and share with me dreams can come true. Tami, honey you are my great encourager, and tells me exactly what you think, you give me the truth of the matter and help me see the true path.Shirley, you are my butt kicker. You dont allow me to stay down, you help me to get up and get busy. Julie, you have the love of an angel. You can make me laugh with just a sentence. Dawn, you girl have taught me to stay in the word, to follow Christ's wisdom and that a quiet answer turns away wrath. You have helped me to be a peacemaker. Bobbie, you are such an encourager, you are a gift to my life. You have shared with me, and have helped me go for my dreams, and that nothing can get in my way, to be unique and to be myself. There are so many who have taught me so much about life,and show we share as a bond.For my sweet friend Ellen, you have taught me the Lord is always there, you have taught me about overcoming trials and hurts. You share God's word just at the right time.I so enjoy our talks. I am so thankful for each wonderful, loving friend, and you know who you are. I have a great teacher, Ms.Joy,who teaches from her heart, loves from her heart and gives all she has. She shares her painful stories to teach us about life, and her laugh is contagious. For Betsy, you have taught me so much with your wisdom and you are a lady of great character and grace. For Rachel, you are one of my cheerleaders, who continue to pray for me and my family. For you have shared so much of your life with me. For Judi, you are a Godsend. You are a beauty, and your work in the garden shows your love for Christ.You have encouraged me with your uplifting words to continue writing and sharing God's message. Brenda, honey you are a prayer warrior, and have taught me about God's strength, and His grace. There are many who touch my life daily, and I have to thank you for being you, and helping me be me. May God be the glory of these special friendships I hold. May the Lord bless you as you have blessed my life and my family with your love. Jesus looks good on you ladies.I am proud to be your friend..


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