Thursday, July 2, 2009

Struggling with the pain of the unsaved

I have a dear sweet friend who is struggling with the salvation of her ill brother. She loves him so, and is very close. He has terminal cancer and may not have much time. As my friend is loving on her brother, she feels the Holy Spirit call to her to speak. Sadly, her brother does not want to hear the truth of Christ. He is waiting for a sign. A Saul to Paul conversion. Heart broken, my friend feels as though she has failed in some way to show Christ to her brother. She hasn't failed at all. She loves her brother, she prays for her brother, and she honored the Holy Spirit when He spoke. She has shared with him, the greatest gift of all, she has planted the seed, and the Lord hears her prayers each night. It is so hard having family and friends who are not saved, and do not want to hear about Christ's redemption,His salvation and forgiveness. We can not make others see what we see. We can not change others, only ourselves and how we relate to others. We meet them where they are, and we love them for who they are. As we follow Christ's example, we have to remember as we are obeying His call, and we answer,we have to put our trust,hope and faith in Him to work in the person we are praying for. One day I believe those who we pray for will one day see before them all the prayers that were said for them. That will be a day of blessings or sadness for those who chose not to accept Him. We must not listen to satan tell us we shouldn't have spoken,we didn't say the right things, your not doing any good here so stop. Satan lies to us, he tricks us, he does all he can to move us away from Christ, or have us never to go to Him in the first place. Satan knows our weakness, and he knows our desires,and he is going to do all he can to destroy all around us. He is the king of lies. We must continue to listen to the Holy Spirit. We may not think we are making a difference,but we are with every prayer,with every word we share,and with the love we freely give to those we love. People can't seem to grasp,there is no wrong or right way to approach those we love with the gospel of Christ. We pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to lead us. As we speak to others, we are planting a seed, or maybe we are helping water a seed that has been planted. They may not want to talk about it at the moment,but most likely as they are alone,they will search and they will seek the truth. We must be who we are, and with Christ in us,He is part of our lives, we can't take Him out to please others. Our relationship should continue to shine before those who do not want to hear.As christians, He is in our speech, our walk, our desires, and our deeds. He is part of us, and we are part of Him.We must know that one day, we will be accountable for those we let pass by and not say to them ,"Jesus loves you." Jesus puts those in our paths to reach out to. My friend has done so. She has shared Christ and she has shared her love. She is being the witness the Lord wants her to be. Once we share the word,we must be broken over those who are lost or have turned away,and continue to pray for them and witness with our love and through our actions. It is between them and Christ whether or not they accept Him as Lord and Savior. My friend must find peace and assurance in her heart,knowing she has done all that God has asked of her. The rest lies upon her brother. No one can save us but Christ, nothing in this world can compare to living a christian life. It hurts when those we love are not only hurting,but do not know the love of God.So as my friend faces another day, I pray she knows the peace of God,the love of God, and placing her brother before Christ is what she can do, and all she can do.I ask those of you who read this entry, if you will please pray for my friends brother, and for my friend. For healing for her brother, for him to seek Christ,and to know His love,and for my friend to gain strength and wisdom from the Lord,and a peace that only Christ can give her. You can even leave a verse for her, a comment,a prayer,so she too can be lifted up as her family goes through this trial. We have all been there, if we havent we will be, and one of the greatest gifts is to know you are being prayed for. God is a God of miracles, He is a God of hope. As we keep walking this journey together,may we continue to spread the word of God to all those around us, and listen to the whispers of God. He will give us the words,He will give us the time as He places those in our paths that need Christ as much as you and I.


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