Thursday, July 9, 2009

My night out with my son at the Muny..

Here in St.Louis we are blessed to have the Muny. It is an outdoor amphitheater. It is found in the middle of Forest Park. It has become one our favorite things to do in the summer. I have been with all of my kids, and with friends. Last night is was such a beautiful night. We had great seats, sitting in the cool night air, with my son was just the best. The stars were out in full form, and the cool night air was a soft breeze that perfect. We saw "Meet Me in St.Louis",and it was wonderful. The actors were awesome,and their voices were sheer beauty.Sitting in front of us was a beautiful little girl that was captivated by all around her. Just like her, when we go I feel like a little kid. The first one we ever seen was "Beauty and the Beast". It was so colorful,so magnificent you didn't want it to end. We have been blessed to see many shows,and we have taken something special from each one. As my son and I go,we always pack a dinner, and sit out and eat under the amazing, sky covering trees. This park is just so beautiful,not many words could describe it. At times we have made a day of it,and went to the zoo, the art museum, or just taking a book and relaxing together. We are able to share laughter and the best of talks on the drive there and home. We don't live in the city,so its quite a drive. The times I have spent with my children here are blessings I will never forget. If I ask my son,"Should we invite anyone else to come?",he quickly replies,"No mom,lets just you and I go." My son is blessed at playing music on his mandolin,or guitars. He can sing also,and I have watched him play the piano without any lessons at all. So with his love of music,comes his love of the theater. Me, I can't play a thing,nor can I sing,so my love comes just by dreaming. With each story,filled with characters, they bring to life a book,or a movie. They can make you laugh,or bring you to tears. It is a night I wish everyone could enjoy atleast once. As we sat last night,we sang along quietly to the songs we knew. It is something that I get to share with my son,and may the Lord allow him to share it with his children. The time we share with our children is so special. The times we have shared at the Muny have been all been amazing nights. I am gifted to have great kids, and more so I am blessed to be able to share something just between us.


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