Monday, July 6, 2009

It would have been us?

When we are reading in Genesis,(Genesis 1-3) we can read about Adam and Eve. The first man and woman God created. The first to live in the garden,the first to leave the garden. I often hear others say,"We have this life and sin in the world because of Adam or of Eve", depending on if you are a man or woman speaking. We love to point the finger at others, blaming them for our sin nature. Yes, Adam and Eve were tempted, and they fell into that sin. Just as you or I would have fallen, as we fall daily and struggle to do what is right and holy. Why do we want to blame others for our sin? It makes us feel better and we really don't want to be the cause of anything. We don't like to take responsibility for our actions. When Adam and Eve sinned they knew. As they once walked with God in the garden,it was of no more. They found themselves without clothing, and knew exactly what had happened. They had been warned of the sin they commited. God spoke to them about it, and look what happened. Just as today, God gives us His word. He gives us His commandments. He teaches us,but we choose daily to disobey Him. The one who gave all, the one who gave us life, the one who provides,the one who still loves us. He doesn't give up so easily. He stays, watching and praying that all will come to Him. If it had not been Adam and Eve, it would have been another couple. I have heard others say," Well, if God was God,and had a plan, why then did He allow them to sin?" God did have a plan, He made the garden for them to live in,and He had His backup plan ready,already thought out with love for those who would come after Adam and Eve. It was planned all along for us to have a Savior. It had to be, so we could see that salvation was nothing we did on our own or something we deserved. God is so big, He is so all knowing, and ever present. He knew what was going to happen before they fell in that beautiful garden He created just for them. Just as today,we have all that God has created for us, and we disrespect it, we dishonor it, and we shamingly turn away from Him. He Has a plan for each of us(Jer.29:11).It is our choice if we follow and receive His blessings or if choose our own way, and miss out on all that He has for us. Instead of blaming Adam or Eve,may we place our name in that blank, and stand knowing we are sinners in need of a Savior.(Romans 3:10)God has taught since the beginning, for us to obey Him, and live in His will. Just as they in the beginning chose to turn away and go on their own,we still today do the same. One day every knee shall bow, and call Him Savior. (Romans 14:11) One day when Christ returns He will restore all again,thats just how much He chooses to love us. Are you ready to love Him?


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