Monday, July 27, 2009


H is healing, O is optimistic, P is possible, and E is everlasting love. The definition of hope is: Trust, reliance; a desire acccompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment; expectation of or success; someone or something on which hopes are centered; something hoped for. And the definition of hopeful is having qualities which inspire hope; full of hope; and inclined to hope. God is hope, and we are hopeful. We have a God inwhich we can hope in, and we have a God inwhich all hope begins. Our victory is won with our hope in our God. Without hope what would we have? God lives of hope, God speaks of hope, and God gives of hope. We cannot have God without hope nor can we have hope without God. Hope brings life to our days, hope brings courage to the weak, hope brings blessings to those who are seeking. We cannot place our hope in anything in this world, but we can place our hope in God. All other things will let us down, but the hope we have in Jesus saves, lives, and gives such praise to His name. With God all healing is a touch away,with God all is optimistic with His love, with God all is possible, with God we have everlasting life. He is what hope is all about and hope is all that God is about. What an amazing word to have to share with our Savior and with all others who walk in our path. Aren't you glad we have hope today?


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