Monday, July 13, 2009

Being Still

Remember when your children were small, and you could say,"Please be still." It wouldn't be two minutes and my children would skirm all over. When we are waiting on that phone to ring to let us know our children got there safe, when we are waiting on the call from the doctor with the news, we wait nine months for our babies to finally come, waiting on that friend or family member to come to know Christ, waiting for healing, waiting for love, waiting to hear if we made the team or not. There are so many things that we wait for daily, and we let this time take over our lives with worry. We have to wait at the doctor's office, we wait at the post office, and even longer at the store. We wait on a package to arrive with presents. It seems like we do alot of waiting. But God doesn't want us to skirm as our children do, He wants us to come to Him, and He will help us during that time that seems to take forever. "Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 We can know that Christ is there for us, we can feel Him, we can have peace knowing that He is there. No matter what we are waiting for, or how long we are waiting,whatever the outcome, He is there. Being still, is not worrying, it is trusting. When we are still, we can hear, we can learn, we can grow. Being still, we can pray,and find peace and comfort knowing God is with us. He doesn't have to run around worrying, He isn't pacing back and forth as we do. He has all under control. And that waiting, can help us grow with Him. Being still and not making a desperate move out of anger,or frustration,or worry changes us to look more like Him. As we hold our babies, cuddling them, and singing soft whispers as they calm, and rest, we too can do the same with Christ. He can wrap His loving arms around us, and whisper,"Be still and know that I am God." As our moms place their hands upon ours and tell us all will work out, as our dads place their hand upon our shoulder and let us know they love us. God places so much love around us, all we can feel is His presence and His peace,if we will allow ourselves to be quiet and be still. As each day we face many different things, we can face them knowing God is with us, and we can find that stillness and peace from Him..


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