Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've got something to say

When Christ came into my life,He changed me. He came into my life with so much love,strength and compassion. He loved me, He molded me,and He is still teaching me daily. He gives me all I need,and all that is important in His time. He knows each step we will take, and where those steps will take us. If we move away from Him, He doesn't give up,He keeps calling and whispering His love to us. It is us that moves away from Him. He is the love letter that you keep close to your heart. He is that Rock you hold on to in those storms. He is there to fill me with His spirit. He is the cool drink of water when I am thirsty. He is that warm blanket that keeps comforting me when I am afraid. He is the sunshine between the clouds. He is the story I want hear before I slip into sleep. He is the air I want to breath. He is the rainbow after the rain. He is my Shelter,my Refuge, my Strong,and Mighty Tower. He is the beauty before my eyes. He is there on the mountain tops and throughout the valleys. He walks with me everywhere I go. He speaks to me through His love. He the forgiveness I do not deserve. He is the everlasting life. He is the neverending story. He is the Grace in my life. He is the Mercy that shines before me. He is the Glory of each day. He is the Wonder in our creation. He is Justice and He is Praise. He is my Listener to every story I tell. He is my Understanding in troubled times. He is my healer. He is my Everything, and without Him I would be nothing. I want to stand and shout how glorious and wonderful our God is. I want to be the one He wants me to be each and every moment. I want to share all He has done for me and all He will do for me. He is All. There is none stronger, there is none righteous, there is no god that comes before Him. He is Heaven, He is our Future,He is our Compass to lead us home. He is the song we forever want to sing. He is the book we never want to put down. He is the best of all the best days we have ever had. "For it is written: As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God."Romans 14:11 You are my life, my love and my joy. What is the Lord to you?


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