Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where is your mission?

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" Matthew 28:19 Where is your mission field? Some get called to Africa,some to Mexico,some to China,some to outer Mongolia. Do we get to choose where we go for God? No,we don't have a say,if we are listening to the Holy Spirit. We go where He tells us,when He tells us,and why. We follow our God all over this planet if He calls us to.He has called us to go and make disiples. I have listened and He hasn't called me to outer Mongolia,but He has called me right here where I am. I am to witness to all around me,all those who I touch. I am to share the Word of God with all. The question is do I? No,sadly I do not. I do not reach out to the woman in Walmart whose child is screaming,I do not reach out to the woman at Pizza Hut that looks alone. Why is that? I hear God calling,but I am not always answering. I say to myself,"What if they make a scene?""What if they just say no,I dont want to hear about Jesus?" "What if they laugh at me?" Why do we struggle in this area? I hear the Lord speaking,and then try to tell Him,"Are you sure You want me to do that?" God speaks loud and clear,we are the ones with the hearing problem,at least I am. I do all I want. I reach out to those who I know will listen,I "do" what I think I am to do,but if God is calling me to speak to another person,I need to reply,"Yes God,I will follow."With the Holy Spirit living inside us,we have nothing to fear. That may be our only opportunity to speak to that person,and we may never see them again. I must not let my fears get in the way of God's work. Satan loves that,and he is the one who puts those ideas of "I can't" in our minds. They weren't put there by God,only satan wants us not to reach others for Christ. I don't want to just be a christian,I want to be a christian living,hearing and doing for God. I need to take my eyes off of me,and my fears and needs at the moment,opening up my heart to God,allowing Him to move through me. If we cannot trust me with the little things,how will He trust me with the big? I say I want to do Christ's work.Well,if I am not a willing vessel,then He will use someone who is.If you struggle as I do,let those fears go,lets reach out to others everywhere we go. We should be studied up,have God's word on our hearts,and be willing to go the extra mile for a God who did for us. Our God is bigger than any fear we have,and He is certainly bigger than our struggles.Go and tell all those around you,without any fear at all. If I was that woman in Walmart with a screaming child,I would want someone to love me enough to reach out to me. If God can love me,me who does not deserve His love,the very least I can do is share His love,the same love He gives to me,with all those I meet..


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