Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is it about the things we have here that matter?

What kinds of things do you set your mind on? As my husband and I were driving along today on a country road,he said,"I just wonder why some have so much,and others have little?" He wasn't saying out of envy,or jealousy,it was just a statement. My husband is a simple man, who needs little,asks for even less,but gives with all his heart. We had just past a huge house,when he had said it.I told him,"Remember,our treasures are not on this earth,they are in heaven." As we sat and road quietly,I was thinking the same as he. Some have all their treasure stored here on this earth,they work until there is no more work left,they have credit cards up to the limits,they have the biggest boat,the biggest house,the most expensive car,and all they want at the flip of a credit card. You know what I am talking about. If a neighbor builds a pool,they too must build one,and build one even bigger,even though they can not afford to even by a suit with cash. This world teaches us,the more we have the more important we are. The less we have,we really dont matter much. That is such a crock. Sure, I could store all my treasure here,and make a show of what I have,but why? Why not store up our treasures in heaven where they will last? Our cars break down,our houses need new paint,our clothes become worn and ragged.The things of this earth do not last,and they are just things. We put so much value on things,that we forget what is really important.Building up our treasures in heaven for Christs glory. Listen to this verse. "Set your mind on things above,not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:2 We need to set our minds on the things that have eternal meanings. Not waste all we have storing up things that collect dust. But living and breathing the word of God,serving and giving to others. I don't want my treasures to be here on this planet,I want them to be where I know they will last forever.What are our real treasures? Love,our family,our friends,our church family,most of all our love for Jesus. Can you imagine all the gifts in heaven He has stored for us? It will be like going to the grand opening of the best store in the house.Heavens gates will be the name of that store,and I hope there will be a huge line to get in. Thats one place I wont mind standing in line waiting to get in.Don't worry if Sally has a bigger house than you,or if Jessica has a newer car,or if Sherry has the perfect family picture. Can you just imagine what our house will look like in heaven? We sure wont be needing a car,and that family picture will be filled with all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Television,the movies,all of hollywood teaches that its the things we have that make us who we are. For once its all about who ya know.And if ya know Jesus,well then,you indeed have got it all.


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