Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would you die for a friend?

Would you die for a friend? Jesus died for all of mankind,not just one person worthy. None of us were worthy of His sacrifice for us. This question was asked one day in our Sunday School class. I may be really goofy according to others,but I had to raise my hand and say yes.Yes,I would. After coming home I really put some thought into this one.I have my family,my best friends,my church family and then we have those we meet everyday when we walk out our doors. I find that my life is no more important than anyone else's life. Take a look at the disciples.They died for Christ and for what they believed in. They lived their lives knowing they were not better,their lives were no more important than anyone else. I have to say if a bus was coming,I would push my friend out of the way in order to protect her. If a man came in I would definetly step in front of a friend for a bullet.As mothers,we know we would die for our children,our family,but what about others? I remember at one of the school disasters where wild bullets were flying everywhere,the teacher who stepped outside the door to hold it shut to protect his students.He died protecting them. This happens daily where we see people stepping forward to the aid of others.Do I want to die?No,but to save a friend I would lay down my life. I have these little kindergardeners in Awana at church. If someone was coming in to hurt them,you bet I would step in and do all I could to protect them.Now the question is would you die for a stranger? Someone who you have no idea about. This one is a little harder to answer. I can only hope if I was walking down the street and someone was getting hurt,that I would step in and try to help them. Do we have anything to fear? If we have Christ with us in our hearts,we have nothing to fear. For whatever comes our way,He is there to protect us,whether that be here on earth or taking us to heaven. With our faith we should be able to step out of our box,and not just think about us,but focus on Christ,and put others first. Love is a special gift from heaven,God instilled it in our hearts. For if we are not able to love as Christ did and does today,we are waisting time given to us from Him. My life is but a vapor in this world,just as yours is. I would hope to think if I did die for a friend my family would be taken care of. I know they would by Christ and His amazing love. Now,heres a harder question.I can admit I would die for a friend and hope to die for a stranger,but taking a bullet or a bus,but would I do as Jesus did upon the cross? That one is a big,I dont know. Jesus as our Savior died for the world,for everyone in it.Are we willing to die for those who have hurt us,caused pain to someone we love,or those who have murdered,raped and did hideous things to wonderful people? In Christ's eyes we are all the same,He puts no one over or above anyone,so again is my life really more important than anothers? No,it isnt. We should be willing to give our lives over to Christ, trust in Him,and follow Him in everyway. Christ doesn't have favor, so how can we? Through reaching out to help a stranger,standing in the path an oncoming car,should not even be a question for us to think about. We should do all,and love all for our love for Christ.In doing so we are showing Christ to the world. I can only hope I leave behind a legacy for others that points to Christ. He saved me from the depths of hell,the least I can do,is love as He has called me to do.


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