Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats standing in your way today?

As you wake today, we can look all around us and see God's creation. We can see His beauty all around. We can come to Him at any moment,and ask Him to come into our hearts and forgive us of our sins, the wrongs that we have made against Him. We can talk with Him about anything on our hearts. We can seek wisdom,gain knowledge, pray about our future,our past,and our present. We can intercede for those in need,and walk with Him and listen to His word. He can lead us through this ugly world we live in, and He can stand in the way of our enemies. If all this and more is possible today,what is standing in your way? Maybe you feel as though no one can love you for the past you have lived. Jesus can. Perhaps you allow your pride to get in the way. Jesus can remove it. Just maybe you think theres a catch to it all. No catch, only Jesus' love. You may be lost in pain. Jesus can give you the strength to move. Maybe you let the world's wisdom lead you into thinking there is no God. He created all, and died for you and me. He is bigger than any man's knowledge,and can tame an angry sea. Jesus holds in His hands our past, our future, and our present. We don't have to look up to see Him,all we have to do is look all around. He is in everything good and all that is beautiful. Maybe your selfishness is in your way today,God can lead you away from yourself and straight to Him. So really, when we look at all things possible,Jesus is the only way. Don't go another day with something you have put in the way. Allow Jesus to take it away and make way for you to meet Him all the way.


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