Monday, May 25, 2009

Roses or wildflowers?

I have been very blessed to have my husband bring me roses. They are very beautiful and fragrant. They come in every color you can imagine now. They seem to make the whole room smell nice. You walk by them,you can't help but bend down and smell them,taking in all the beauty. I remember the first time my husband surprised me with wildflowers. He stopped along one of our country roads and picked me a beautiful bouquet. It was full of many different flowers and colors. It was a hot day, and ofcourse if your going to get out of your car on a country road, you know when you step into that field here comes the ticks and chiggers. These are the flowers that bless me the most. Anyone can stop by the market or the florist and pick up roses,but for a man to stop on the road and go out into the field and come into the house with his hand behind his back and say,"Close your eyes",and hands you a picked bouquet of flowers that have the scent of cow manure is the best gift of all! Yes, I can hear some of you ladies now,saying give me the roses verses the manured flowers,but not me. I love them,for that gift really comes from the heart. No, they don't always smell like manure,that only happend once.Thank goodness. The wildflowers have a beauty all of their own,and they smell so wonderful. Each with the tiny little blossoms that you just want to finger,for they are so delicate. I always put them in a vase that my mother gave me,and set them on the table. For me, they light up the room,not only because of the special hand picked gift,but because of the wonderful gift giver who thought of me on his way home.


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