Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is today as far as you can see?

Is today as far as you can see? We can look into our pasts, we can see today,but we are not able to see the future. Only Jesus knows what our future holds. We are not to worry about what comes tomorrow. Matthew 6:34 says; "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." We dont have to worry about last night, today,or tomorrow. God has it all in His hands. If you are like me, you have worried, you have worried about your children, our parents, our health, our jobs,and all that can consume our minds. If we allow all those negative things to enter into our minds, is there still room for our faith? We have to trust in Jesus and know that we know that we know He is our God,He is bigger than anything that comes our way. We must believe that all we place into His hands He will care for as its the only thing He must do. For me, I have to be able to look past today. I have to be able to look to Jesus to protect my children, and bring them all back into his fold. I have to believe that someday, our family will be reunited again,and we can laugh the way we used to. I have to believe that God will care for my mother, who is losing her sight. I have to see and know that my husband will gain a job,and one that was better than before. I have to believe that when my family walks out of our home that He will protect us.When I see the storm clouds blowing in, I have to know that God will make all safe. If all I could see was today, I would be missing the point. God loved me through my past and built a bridge for me to get to Him,He cares for me in the present, and as for my future, I am leaving it all up to Him. I can find joy in Him, I can find peace, and comfort. I can know that He has my hand,and dries all my tears away. Without Him, I would be nothing,but with Him I am all I can be through Him. Stop looking behind you, stop waiting for the present to move and don't look to your future as though you have nothing there. Stand up and praise God for all we have today,and praise Him knowing He has all we need for tomorrow.


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