Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We only get one chance around in this life

In this life we get one chance,one time around,one time to love those around us and make an everlasting impression. One chance to make a legacy for those around us when we are gone. Everyday we make choices,we make decisions that will not only effect our lives but the lives of others around us. In this life we live but one life,one time around this world to make things right. God gives us that chance.He gives us His love and uncondisional love.What is it that we do everyday to make a difference not just in our lives but those lives around us? Do we make an effort to make things right? Do we make an effort to reach others and share Christ with them? I know my answers to those questions are not all yes. We make mistakes,but they are only mistakes if we do not learn and grow from them. Through those trials we go through in life we have a choice each day of how to handle them,and how to react to other people. In our daily adventures where ever they may take us,who are we reaching? For it may be the last time to get things right, to make those wrongs right. Today we need to decide what we are going to do with the rest of our lives.This decision cannot wait another day,for that day may not come. As each day we wake,we need to go to Christ and follow Him each step He takes us, even if we are fearful,thinking we could never do what He is asking,but if that was true,He wouldn't be asking.He needs us to make each day special,to wake with a joy in our hearts,and a fire under our feet. Some say,I don't have time today,I will do it tomorrow.I know from experience that tomorrow doesnt always come like with the loss of my daddy. We never know what the next minute will bring,so lets make each moment count.


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