Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeing what is right in front of us

As I spend time with the Lord,and as I learn so much from others and their walk with Christ,it helps you to see in the right light. So many times we are too occupied with what we dont have,we cannot see the blessings right in front of us.I have been here.I have concentrated of the pain in the past,or what I do not have in my life,instead of praising God for what I have right now.We can get so hurt,and get off track that we lose our perspective and perception.When I am driving, my husband always points out that my perception is off.I really cannot tell a distance that well. I think our walk gets like that too,we cannot tell what is right in front of us,and how close it really is.We tend to spend too much time in the past,or even in the other lane.We need to be focused,and stay on track with spending time with Christ. Also,whenever my husband is driving I never pay attention to how we get there,and at times just a little way from home,I will fall asleep.Then later I will ask how to get somewhere and he says,well,you should know we have been there many times. My walk with Christ has been like that too. We have been there,but have fallen asleep,or we didnt pay attention to where He was leading us. I want to be focused,I want to look up,and to do this we have to stay in God's word.Also, having others we are accountable to,that can help us when we get off track and cant remember the way.God is our compass in this life,and if we continue on the road with Him,our perception and our perspective will be right on track.


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