Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting a hug and a kiss

When our children are small they love to crawl upon our laps,and kiss us,and hug us all the time.Many times as our children get older they move away from that somewhat.When that happens, we take a step back and think,what happened to all my hugs? Last night my son,who will be seventeen this month blessed my heart so much.He came and gave me the biggest hug and kiss goodnight.Then again this morning as he left for work,he opened his arms again,and I heard the words,I love you. I am so blessed to have him.He blesses my life everyday.He adds a smile,a glimmer of sunshine and leaves me knowing that I am loved.Our relationship with Christ should be like this. We should feel His arms around us as we spend time with Him.We should feel as though we have been kissed softly after reading His word. Our lives should be full of His blessings,and He should be putting a smile on our faces everytime we think of how much He loves us.


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