Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Pasts

Why is it that our pasts haunt us so? We all have them. I did not come to Christ until my 20's, when I had my son Jake. Coming to Christ was the very best thing that has happend in my life. He has brought me so much. I have been through many sickness',trials and growth. I am not the same person I was at 20.In my past I was not always nice, I had done drugs,drank, smoke,I had sex before I was married.I could go on and on with telling you stories of my past.But the stories of my past don't really matter,its what has happen since my past. Its what has happend since Jesus came into my life,and all that He has done for me and with me. When I was young,I didn't really know what a Christian was. I had heard the name born again,and heard family speak about how strange they were. I just had the idea that being a christian was no fun at all. That is such a trap that satan puts us in. I have had more fun as a christian,than my whole life. I can laugh without being drunk,I can go to many parties and have the time of my life with family and friends with Christ living within me.We have all done things we shouldn't have in our pasts.No one is perfect.We are all sinners in need of a Savior.When we go to Christ and ask Him to forgive us,He does. He wipes every sin away from our pasts,and remembers them no more. In Psalm 103:12 it tells us; "As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us." Do you hear those amazing words? Let them soak in awhile. When we ask Christ to forgive us,He forgets our sin,and remembers it no more.He doesnt keep score.From the east to the west,wow. What a blessing of grace.The problem is we have to forgive ourselves,and remember no more. That is key here. We cannot get hung up with our pasts. To really move forward,we must forget and give our pasts to Christ. I am so glad I have a past and a future. My past was my old self and my future is with Christ. Let us not concentrate on the past.Thats where satan wants us to stay.Lets focus on the future we have with Christ,and allow Him to forgive us,and we too must forgive ourselves.The sad thing would be that if we were just caught in our pasts and had no future,no hope.But we do,as children of God,we have a future and a place with Him forever. So leave the past where it be,and bring it up no more.


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