Thursday, May 21, 2009

My miracle

Two years ago I felt a lump in my neck. I just happend to turn and it hurt,so I felt my neck and there was a lump.I was fearful, I cannot deny that. I called the doctor right away,but each day it got bigger and bigger,with my fears growing. As I went to the doctor,he too was frighted. He sent me to a surgery specialist. I had many tests done over a period of time,as this lump was growing. We made my surgery date to biopsy this thing growing by the day. The morning of my surgery date,Bro.Ben and Bro. Brad had come to see me,although I do not remember alot about their visit,I know Bro. Ben prayed over me. Before that the doctor had come in and placed an X on my lump with a black marker. As they rolled me into surgery,I was awake but really silly. As I was laying there,the nurse began to feel my neck.She kept feeling,and then said,"Honey,did they mark your neck right?" Ofcourse they did,but she couldn't feel the lump.Others felt,and still could not feel anything.The nurse says,"Honey can you show me where the lump is? I sat up and said its right here! Then kept feeling,and had to take those words back,and I said,wow,its gone,its not there.What happend?"Then it hit me,that the Lord had healed me. The doctor comes in and starts to feel,and says,"There is nothing here." He went ahead and did a biopsy where he thought the lump to be,and ofcourse by the grace of God,it was nothing. As I lay there on the table feeling the pain in my neck,not totally out.I had an amazing nurse right at my head. She at one time,placed her hand upon my head,and told me,"Honey,today everything is going to be alright."This nurse blessed me,and I feel as though God was speaking through her to me. My lump had disappeared! I knew right away God had healed me,and gave Him praise for doing so,but I also knew He had me there for a reason. As my tests came back,it showed that I had problems with my thyroid. I had many,many nodules on my thyroid,and they were growing. They decided to watch them for awhile,but they too kept growing. I soon found myself back in surgery,only this time my thyroid was coming out. I was finding it hard to breath before my surgery,and thought it to be my asthma(Yes,this girl has just about everything.),but it wasn't.My thyroid,my goiter was growing around my windpipe,and cutting off my air. The doctor had said he had never seen such a thing before.Usually goiters grow outward,mine chose to grow inward.Needless to say,today I am on thyroid medication,but I feel good. This was a trial for me,and took time to heal,but without that lump in my neck I would have never found myself having tests on my thyroid. I would have not known for sometime something was wrong,and my nodules could have turned to cancer. God had plans for me,He planned that lump,He planned to heal me,and He planned for them to find what was wrong in time. I felt His touch that day He healed me,and I am forever thankful. God does wonderful things to those who trust and believe in Him. The power of prayer works.


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