Friday, May 15, 2009

Our New Floor

As my husband was putting down our new floor,he realized it wasn't as easy as the company said it would. It is a beautiful floor,with all of his hard work,and love put into it. He never does anything half way,he gives it his all,with much pride. The pieces interlock together.Some are easy to lay down,and others are very hard to fit in.They didn't always lock together,so he would have to make adjustments,cut,shape,and find new ways to work the pieces together.As the floor came together it looked more and more like a floor. It was taking shape,and becoming something great. As I looked at the floor I couldn't help to think that this is what are lives look like at times. All the pieces don't fit together just right,things don't look so easy,and we have to learn new ways to interlock with one another.We have to put our heart and love into all we do,and with that, hard work. Nothing happens without hard work,the easy road,isn't always the easiest way to go.We could call someone in to put our flooring down,and they could do it with ease, because they have had training and practice. Our relationship with Jesus is the same.When the work is too hard,we can call the greatest Carpenter around and He will come to our need.Although the pieces may not all fit together for right now,the Lord sees the whole project,He knows what needs work,and a little extra care,and He knows just what to do.We are a work in progress,just like my floor.Before my husband began,he read all the directions,and followed them.We too must read the directions the Lord has given us,and follow them,and in the end,His work will turn into a thing of beauty.


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