Friday, May 15, 2009

My Note

We all love little notes. They send love,hugs from far away,and they just brighten up your day. As my son is now working,and working very hard,he always gives me hug goodbye,and tells me he loves me,well,this morning I wasn't awake yet. I had suffered from a migraine last night and didn't sleep.He left this morning before I was up.As I crawled out of bed and walked into the kitchen there on the counter was my special act of love. He had left me a note,a note telling me he loved me. For me to wake,and the first thing I see is this little note he had left me made my day.Anything could have happened after that,and that little note would have carried me through. Isn't the Lord like that also? Just one whisper from Him,just one touch will take you all throughout the day.It is a blessing to know that we are loved,and even more so for others to tell us. My son tells me everyday,and I will never tire of hearing it,just as when Jesus whispers into my ear that He loves me,nothing can compare.Knowing that God sends me little reminders all throughout the day is a blessing.It is a constant in our lives,things change,but God's love will remain with us forever,just as the little note left for me will forever be placed in my heart.


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