Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss Independent?

There is a popular song out today called "Ms.Independent". Telling about how this woman can do it all.She doesnt need anyone or anything from anyone.It speaks of her new car,her new job,and all the money she has. If we aren't careful we too can have these ideals about life as a woman. We have womens rights who teach their daughers they can do anything a man can do and do it better.They teach about going off to war,and being the head of the house and making all the decisions.They degrade men and make them look useless. Our world teaches that its great to have sex,have many partners,do all you can to make it to the top,and not caring about who you step on to get there. They teach us that "Its our body,we can do with it what we want." First just let me say,I am glad I am not a man. I could in no way go out and do what my husband does,nor would I want to. As he could not do what I do.It is a marriage.I am glad my husband acts like a man,and is head of our home. I would never want to degrade him and take that away. I also have my place and that is right by his side,loving him,working beside him,and loving Christ together. I do not believe we need women in the military. Yes, some can be strong,some are very smart,but I at 120 pounds could never carry out a man at 200. Can he really trust me at his side to carry him out if he is hurt? I dont think so.As for my body,and doing with it what I want? That is untrue,and a trap women fall in.If I have a baby,that baby is mine and my husbands baby,not just mine,and that little baby has a life of its own to live one day.He has rights also,and who would I be to take them away,but murderer? I love being a woman,a Christian woman that knows who I am and I am safe to say,I am not independant. I am totally dependant on Christ. I am dependant on my husband for love and care. I am not ashamed to say I am dependant on a man or Christ. We are to humble ourselves,and as with these thoughts and this song comes pride. there are many verses on pride. Proverbs 13:10 says: "By pride comes nothing but strife, but with well-advised is wisdom." and in Proverbs 16:18-19 states this," Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly,than to divide the spoil with the proud." These two verses speak volumes of wisdom to not just men,but women. We are to love Christ with all our hearts,and to give our lives to Him,and allow Him control over our lives. Some cannot come to Christ because of pride,and thinking they have to have control over their lives.That their lives are theirs to live,and to live as they choose. I am so thankful to be dependant upon Christ.He is my Savior,and my Redeemer. Everything I have comes from Him and Him alone,its nothing I have done on my own. Our world has a backwards way of thinking now,and it is sad to see women trying to be the man in their home, downgrading their husbands,and thinking they are better and do not need anyone. We all need Christ. If you are a single woman or man,you do not need a husband or wife unless God leads them to you to do so. But you are still not independant on yourself. Christ is there and He is life giving and life saving. It is an awesome feeling to give that control over to Christ.Too many things happen in life and I don't want to be in charge of those things,I want a Savior to be my King. It is also deeply awesome to have your husband be the head of your home. I don't want all the responsibily that he has. I pray for my husband to be the man God has chosen him to be,and that he will live as Christ has called him. We are ALL dependant on something in this world,why not make it Jesus Christ? I also need to add on that we can not find happiness or fulfillment in others. We can only find that ultiment joy in Christ and Christ alone.To be dependent on Christ is to give Him your life and allow Him to fulfill in you His will. As we see in poplular movies,where the man tells the woman "You complete me." This is just not possible. We are complete only by Christ and His love.


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