Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Furniture

Are you like me and move your furniture many times in a year? My husband use to leave out for the road,and come home late at night,and trip over furniture he could swear wasnt there when he left. I love moving furniture,changing things around and getting a new view on things. Things that stay the same are just kind of boring,and I move things around all the time. It is like that with our lives too. Change needs to take place,and when it does,others should be tripping over just how much we changed.Have you ever seen someone from your past,and after you talk for just a little while,they say,wow,you have changed? That is a good thing,if we are changing with Christ at the center of our lives.Some do not like change,and get upset when things change,but God just doesnt want us sitting around doing the same old same old. He wants to move us to change within ourselves,and to help change the world by spreading the gospel. Change isnt always fun,but in my life I have learned that change helps us to grow,helps us to learn and become the people God wants us to be.The weather changes moment by moment,the earth spins,and never stands still,just as our children grow by the minute,and change into adults right before our eyes.Change is sometimes frightening,but knowing God is there with us every step of the way should bring comfort to our hearts,knowing that as things change around us,we can always feel Him take that walk with us. As for my furniture,I will still keep changing it,and as for the changes in my life,I am learning to accept them,learn from them,and embrace them.


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