Sunday, May 3, 2009


This past weekend I went to the movies with a friend. We bought our tickets,and went out to dinner before the show. We were so excited about this movie,others had raved about it,and with the actor in it,we thought it would be a great movie to see. We were totally wrong,and so depressed when we left,it started me thinking. Why do we go to movies,spend out money and sit throughout the movie when from the beginning it was not too grand? As we sat watching this movie,I guess we were in a sence trying to wait and give it time to become something special. We kept looking for a meaning,something to touch our hearts,and something to walk away with that lifted you when you left. We have these high expectations, we think actors,with all the money they make should have more morals and have more say,that they wont say certain words,like taking God's name in vain,or won't lower themselves to actions that are not decent. So what about us moviegoers? What does it say about us,our morals if we sit through the movie,when we know certain things are not right,and we do not choose to get up and leave,not worrying about the money we just spent to see it? If less people went out to see movies that are not acceptable,that would speak loudly to the actors making the movies. They would know in order to make a good movie,they are going to have to live up to a certain standard,or their movie just isn't going to sell. Long ago they made movies with meaning,they had class,they spoke of a nation that had morals. What has happened? We just kind of go with the flow,and after awhile we become numb to what is around us,and we too begin to fit in to this mold that its okay.Just one bad word,or one bad action doesn't make the movie bad. Well,yes it does. As my friend and I left the movie,we talked about it,about the actor,and about the message that it is giving to others. We left there changed women,with a new passion for spreading God's word to all who we come in contact with. It is sad that we live in a world where a movie cannot be funny,meaningful,or serious without using God's name in vain,or having people be nude throughout. What is now PG13,used to be rated R. We are losing our morals quickly,things are happening all around us,and if we as christians do not stand up for what is right,and what is good,who is going to?


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