Sunday, May 3, 2009

Farm Girl

Oh my,there is a beautiful young girl I know,and love very much. If I was to use her real name,she would not be happy,for she is such a humble young lady,with a beauty thats just all her own. She is wise beyond her years.Yes, I said farm girl,but she gives a whole new meaning to that phrase,for she brings so much beauty into everything she does. She can tell you so much about history,farming,and really all about life at the young age that she is. She cannot tell you because it has been fed to her,its because she has a passion for learning,and for spreading her wings. She can tell you all about animals,and in the same breath she can tell you of our government. She can tell a joke like no other girl I know,and I believe she gets that from her daddy. She gets so much beauty from her momma,and thats where she gets her tender heart. She has a passion for the Lord,and can take a stand and know exactly what she is standing for. She is so smart,and she doesn't brag about being smart. She is talented in many ways,she loves all people and animals.She loves her horses,and can ride very well,plus take care of little animals that most of us wouldn't know where to start. She can knit,and speak many languages,but you would never see her brag,or even think she was better than others,she knows exactly who she is. God brought her into my life many years ago,and I have been blessed to watch her grow,and turn in to such an amazing young woman. She is so giving,kind and has such a tender heart. She has grace,and a beauty that she doesn't know she has. She is a treasure,a pearl,a rare find in this day and age,and that speaks wonders about her parents who have raised her with a great abundance of love.She is a wonderful example to other young ladies,she has a pureness that is so hard to find. She has been like watching a flower bloom. The beauty only grows more daily.She has been such a blessing to my life,and has added so much laughter just when I needed it,and her smile,well,just says all there is to say.She will brighten up your day just spending a moment with her. She isn't selfish,she doesn't gossip,and she knows when to speak and when to be quiet. Anyone who would have her for a friend, has a friend for life,and should call themselves blessed. I am blessed to know her so well, and to have her in my life.


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