Sunday, May 3, 2009

Girls day out

A few days ago I got to spend the day out with one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is just this ball of fun, love ya with a warm heart,with an amazing beauty kinda girl. The one you want to go have lunch with,spend the whole day with and it still isn't enough time to share everything,and get filled up on laughter. She is one of those girls who can share with you,lift you up,and help get you on the right track. She can turn a bad situation good,and help you see more clearly. She has so much style and is gifted with many ideas,and wants to spread her wings,and isn't afraid to be herself or worry about what others think.Don't you love it when God sends people into your life that just bless and keep on blessing everytime you see their smile? God has truely shone His love upon me,by sending her my way. When someone has so much love inside,and has this unique kind of joy in her heart,it just sort of rubs off on you,and you leave with a new sense of direction,that can only be a God thing. I am amazed at how many people God has brought into my life and blessed me.God sends His love through others,and through our girlfriends. They help to become our compass,and keep us on track of where we are to be,and where we are not to be.Special girlfriends know our hearts,they can see inside before anyone else whats really going on. I am so thankful for that,and I am so thankful for the girlfriend God has brought to me,and she knows exactly who she be!


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