Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little jingle

This morning I awoke to my little jingle of my phone letting me know I had a text. What an awesome day to wake up to,hearing my phone jingle and a friend with love and a word from God. I hopped out of bed and got my bible,opened it up and this is what I found. Isaiah 26:4 "Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord,is the Rock eternal." To wake to the love of a friend and to hear the word of God first thing in the morning is just a sweet blessing. So many days things go wrong, and where do I put my trust? Its not always in God. I put my trust in my self many days,or in others that come my way. I put my trust in the things of this world and only turn out to hurt me in the end. So many times we fall apart from a nasty word said, gossip about us, or just having the day of all days. We should wake each day knowing God is our Rock and that we CAN trust in Him forever. He is the only one we should be putting our faith in,for He and He alone is our Rock and Savior. The more I keep repeating this verse the more it blesses my heart.The sweeter it sounds,knowing God is there forever and I can trust in Him brings me such peace and comfort.Notice how "the Lord,the Lord" is repeated twice.I don't think that was just because. He really wanted us to understand that He and He alone is our Rock and we can trust in Him. When the world around me starts crashing down,I can trust that God is with me forever and I can put my trust in Him knowing He is in control.When I think I just cannot take another step,and I am going to fall,He is my Rock. I am so thankful for my little jingles and friends who send me notes of God's love around me,to help remind me that He is forever at my side


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