Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Words a Mother yearns to hear

I have a sweet friend who has two amazing children. A boy and a little girl. They are a blessing to watch together. Through her soft words spoken to her children, you can feel the love she shares with them. To see her hung and love on them only shows what kind of a momma she is. I have many friends with beautiful children. Its amazing to see their daughters with the light of Jesus in their hearts,and they are a reflection of their mommas. The love of a momma between her children will only grow. As I sit here and type,tears of joy are running down my face at the love I have for my own. Nothing can bring tears to a momma more than her children blessing her. Every note, every card,every hug,kiss and prayer lasts forever in our hearts. As our children take our hand and we lead them, we pray that the Lord will have their other hand in His. In Sunday School we are doing a study on the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 is all about being that woman God seeks us to become. We do not become her over night,it is with spending time with Christ and walking with Him daily. The virtuous woman may seem out of reach,but she isn't. She is someone God gave us a picture of to strive to be. We can if we begin our days with Him,focusing on what is really important and letting all else go. The verse that I am thinking upon today as I look at my friends with their children is Proverbs 31:28. "Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her." There is so much about the virtuous woman here in these verses,but this is one we all want to hear. We love our children so very much,and nothing ever takes that love away. We want so much for our children to be blessed and to know we love them. Maybe you too have made mistakes along the way as I have,but the Lord is there to forgive,and we are to keep trying,never giving up. The virtuous woman loves her children and her husband and I believe she prayed for them ceasingly. When our children are so young they look to us with their big wide eyes,searching for all,and as moms we are to give them the love God has instilled in our hearts. As they get older,many times it can be a rough road,and we can get lost on it,but with prayer God can place us right where we need to be. I love watching my friends with their children. The love they have is so strong and the love between a mother and her children is pure beauty. I pray for God to bless all my friends and their precious children.To keep them safe and to may they grow closer each day.May laughter fill their homes,and on those hard days,pray,pray that God will lead you and fill your hearts with joy. A mother puts all her heart into her children,without wanting in return. She sacrifices all, and continues day and night. The words,"Her children call her blessed" are words I long to hear. I hope one day my children will be proud of their mom, and be able to say those words. I pray that when they too have children that is when they will really understand all a mother is and wants to be.


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