Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Game

Last night we had our first softball game.It was alot of fun,we lost,but it was alot of fun...You could even say we came in second! I play second base and love the game.I was doing really well until here comes a ball flying at me and it hit me in the knee.Okay,have you ever looked down and maybe thought your knee was just removed from your body? That is how I felt,but there was no way I was going to let these boys see me cry! So I hopped around out there for awhile,until my leg was numb.Today I have this amazing bruise on my knee,that cannot be touched at all.So this morning I was thinking,isnt life like that in many ways? We fall down,or get scrapped up and we dont want others to see us cry? When life throws trouble yourway,and you know its going to hurt,do you duck,or do you take it with the faith that God has given to us? In life we get bruised alot,but it doesnt mean we should give up and go sit it out.It means next time you learn to get your glove infront of you to help catch what is coming. God will catch anything coming our way,and He will shield us from the evils of this world if we allow Him to and if we practice praying each day.We cannot become closer to Christ without putting in the effort.Life is not always what we think it should be,but God knows,and through those tough hits,we learn and we grow as christians.My knee will heal,and so will our hearts if we allow Christ to do what His will is in our lives.I cannot wait for the next game. We should be able to look at our trials with the same attitude,come what may,my Lord will see me through,and I will take all that comes and look it straight in the eye,knowing God will see me through.


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