Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are you ready?

In Luke 12:39-40 says; "But understand this:If the owner of the house had known at what hour the theif was coming,he would not have let his house be broken into.You also must be ready,because the Son of Man sill come at an hour when you do not expect Him." Now,there is so much more here in chapter 12 that you should read,I am speaking on the part of our we ready? We tend to put in protective measures for our homes so then we know if someone is intruding,we take measures at parties we are giving to send out invitations to make sure our guests know when to arrive,but here it tell us to be ready,for we will not know the hour at which Christ will return for His children.For me, I like this. I dont' want to know when He is coming.I want that surprise,I want to hear that trumpet sound and in a blink of an eye,be taken up with all my brothers and sisters in Christ.I do think about what will I be doing when He comes.I hope I am glorifying Him when He comes,and not have my hand in sin,and temptation. I believe God knew exactly what He was doing. If we knew when He was coming would all people follow Him and give Him their whole lives right then,or would they keep having the world's idea of fun and wait until the last minute? We need to have our RSVP ready,and we have so much work to do in sharing God's word with others so they too can be ready.But we just don't want to have that RSVP and wait for the party,we need to live for Him now,not later. He gave His life for us,He shed His blood that we might have life and life abundently,so why wait? Why not give your life to Christ today,and live for Him each moment?We make so many plans everyday,it its going to lunch with girlfriends,going on vacation,or just planning our weeks meals for at home.We make alot of plans,and forget about the most important of all.Christ's plan for our lives,His purpose for our lives.We don't need to wait another day to make sure we are ready and waiting. Lets not wait just doing nothing,lets wait with antisipation and wait with the zeal of sharing His word with everyone. Waking daily,thinking this could be the day,this could be the hour,this could be the minute.I want to be doing His will when He comes and not my own hearts desire.The saying,"A watchpot never boils",well folks,I want to be that watchpot and I want to keep looking as if He were coming today.


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