Friday, May 1, 2009

A Friend With A Garden

I have a beautiful,giving friend who does our gardens at church.She tends to each one with love and care.She plants the seeds,waters them,tills the ground,picks out all the weeds,and she watches them grow,while taking care of them. We really have beautiful flowers.The Lord gave us the flowers,and He also gave us Judy to tend to them.She tends to each one,like it is the only one,and it is precious. She takes pride in working in the garden,and others love seeing the flowers.Everyone notices the blooms,the fragrance,and the beauty. She has put lots of time in our garden, she lets go of other things,so she can have time to tend to this project. She is a tiny little thing,with a huge heart,that just glows of Christ. She is humble,and serving.She is personable,she is a prayer warrior. She is a special friend to me,for we are able to share many stories,and share our hearts. She is much wiser than she knows,and her beauty grows from the inside out. Jesus looks good on my wonderful friend. She is gifted, for she knows plants and flowers so well,and can do wonders with them.She can also lift you up,and share your burdens. She is a one of a kind,and I am blessed to call her my friend. I thank her for all she does in our garden,all the love she puts into it is just a reflection of Christ living in her.


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