Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day

It has always amazed me that every year at this time,all you see are jewelery commercials and flowers,everywhere. This day has become a major day across our country. People spend lots of money buying gifts,sending cards,and giving flowers. This day is so highly commercialized is it really special anymore? Before this day comes I know so many women who get their hopes up,they have high expectations,and are ready for their breakfast in bed,and the jewels to be brought in with roses by their husband and children. She doesnt have to do anything on this day,the house is clean,the kids are all bathed,the dog goes out all on her own,and you are drowning all the beautiful cards you have layed out in front of you.Please,is this a day that is even possible? We get all worked up and want this dream day,and what happens when its not like the commercials say it should be? We have a pity party and feel sorry for ourselves and satan tells us our family doesnt love us..I have my own idea of Mothers Day,its not just a day,its an all year event,full of love and wonder for a mother who loves her children and husband. I give to my mom all year round,I do things for her that she cannot do anymore,I take her places,and we share lunches,and talk with one another spending time. Mothers Day is about time,its not just a day,its a life,a special moment between you and your little ones,or a special word from your husband. This should be happening all year round. We should respect our mother's daily,tell them all the time how special they are,and do for them as they did for us. I love doing things for my mom. Yes,I do get her a card each year,and I write her a letter,sharing all the words from my heart straight to hers. If I didn't show her all year long how much I loved her,I really dont think that one day would matter much. My husband picks me wild flowers all summer long,gives me gifts,and works so hard for me.My son does things for me daily,and each night he tells me he loves me.He never walks out the door or gets off the phone without telling me he loves me.He says thank you when I do something nice for him.He helps me when I have a migraine,or am in so much pain I cannot get out of bed. My Mothers Day is all year long,not just one day the television speaks of. I have gotten many wonderful gifts on Mothers Day,but the best gifts are given from the heart all throughout the year,from the big ones all the way to those little things. We can get so caught up in what we think it should be,and then let down when we dont have the picture perfect day.Is anyday really like that? When my kids were all at home I would find myself saying,"one day I wont have so much laundry,all these clothes to pick up,the dishes to do and so on",well,that day has come,and when it does you miss those dirty socks laying around,you miss the smugges on the wall,and those dirty shoe prints across the floor. As mothers we should count each day a special day,each day brings something new,each day I get to hear "I love you" is wonderful words to my ears. The Lord blesses each day,He has given us a family and a mother.I am thankful for each day I have with my family,and love should be celebrated each day and never forgotten.I hope mothers all across the world know they are loved each day for all they do,and for who they are,not just because its a holiday or because the jewelry companies,candy companies and card companies want to make money off of something special.Nothing is more special to me than being a wife and a mother,and everyday that I can love my family and serve them with all my heart I am leaving behind a legacy for them to remember just how much I loved them.As for my momma,I share with her all throughout the year just how special she is to me,and the more I do for her as she gets older,the more I really know what being a mother really is.


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