Monday, May 18, 2009

And It Is Lift Off

From the moment our children are born we nurture them,love them and guide them. We take their little hands and walk them across the street,we lift them to get a drink,and pick them up to sit upon our laps while we read a story to them. With each year,our children grow,and we grow also.With each step they take,they have learned from us,they have been lead to do right,and stay away from the evil of the world. We watch our little girls go from pig tails to prom dresses,and watch our sons go from dirty hands and feet with trucks in the yard to their first job. So many changes along the way.So many roads traveled,so many turns to take.But if we place our children in the Lords hands all is well. If we have prayed for them before their birth and along the road,all is well. The day will come when our children can cross the road themselves,they can get that drink without help,and they will look to the Lord to guide them. They will grow and one day have their children sitting upon their laps reading stories,saying this is what Grandma used to do with me. Our children forever remember our love.I have friends that their children are graduating this week,and are struggling with tears coming so easily. I know this feeling as I too have walked this road. Our families are like little nests,and as the mother bird,she takes care over her young with so much love, until one day her young are ready to spread their wings and fly solo. It is so hard to watch that take off, hoping and praying they will not fall and will be safe. But we can watch that first flight knowing they are in God's hands and He is watching every step and knows just what is going to unfold before them. As they leave the little nest,they know and will forever remember their momma's love and her gentle hand that guided them and first touched them as they were just growing inside us. For whatever happens that bond will never be broken and we can trust in the Lord to take care of them and with our faith in Him, we can learn each day to let go and watch them fly,and soar above the clouds with all that God has given them. For those mommas that are feeling as though all is moving too fast,just slow down and enjoy each moment,for each moment is special and a gift from the Lord. God's love reaches every corner of the earth,and it will touch us and our children as they lift off and begin their own lives....For those friends I have,as this week comes so quickly, I say job well done with your daughters, for they are reflections of you.


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