Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Ring

Saturday I got to spend the whole day with my husband. We love to go to little shops and look around.The resale shops,antique shops,and just the shops that have amazing finds. There is one of our favorites,its an Irish shop. The owner is just so sweet and warm,and has this amazing Irish accent that you could just stop and listen to her talk all day. I love going in and looking at all the finds that she brings back from Ireland. Me being Irish-German is quite a combination,and I didn't know until I was older and started studying where my families were from.Inside this little shop jam packed with kinds of trinkets,and beautiful sweaters I went over to the jewlery. I have always wanted a clauddah ring. I had always found something about them that just spoke to me. I found one I fell in love with. It is silver, and it has the hands(which mean friendship),the crown(which means loyality),and the heart(which means love),and the band(which means eternity),and mine rotate around the ring. To some they may not find it as beautiful as I,but to me the meaning of is wonderful and speaks to my heart. As I wear it I will always think of my husband,everytime I look down at it.It holds everything between us. Many wear them as wedding rings,friendship rings,and as gifts to those they love. The story behind the ring is what makes it special. In those few times that my husband and I get to walk down the streets holding hands,going in shops and sharing the little things in life is what makes it so special. Just being with him,holding his hand makes it a perfect day.It is a blessing that the Lord gives us. The little things in life. Those moments that you can treasure forever. Its that look that only you two can have,the laughter of a joke that only you both know the meaning. As we walked on this cool spring day,it was just a little peice of Heaven. If just that little peice meant so much,I cannot wait to see the joy Heaven will someday bring.


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