Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Windows of my Friend

Do you know anyone who loves to clean? Well, I do. Yes, I have a friend who loves to clean. I think she would clean all day if she could. I think it gives her a peace inside to clean, and she just enjoys it so. She loves to clean windows the best. She has the cleanest windows of anyone I have ever known in my life. You can't even see a smudge anywhere.You can see so clearly that you could just mistake yourself,and walk right on through one. My windows get dirty very easily, and no, I do not like to clean my windows, although it is time. Windows can get so dirty you can't see through clearly. Sometimes you just can't see at all. Something could be right in front of you,and you still couldn't see it. You try to clear away the dirt,by wiping it away,but it just doesnt come off so easily. Our eyes are like this. When we get something in them in hurts, we want it out. Our vision blurs,and we cant see straight. Things that should be clear are not visible at all. Its like being in a fog. Many times in our christian walk, our eyes get blinded, we shut them to what we do not want to see. Even blinded to what others are trying to show us, that they can see so clearly. We start to get use to those dirty windows in our life, and just get content with the dirt there.Our eyes are very important. We see where we are going with them,but if something is in our eye,we can't see where to go,or how to get there. We need someone to lead us. We can often see the dirt on others windows, and say, oh my, they need a good cleaning. Why is so easy to see the dirt of others,when we can't see our own? My windows need cleaning, our eyes get checked yearly. They both need to be clear to see. Don't let the dirt build up on those windows, or your eyes. Get some good cleaner,and wash them good, until all the smudges are gone,and we can see straight through to the other side.


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