Friday, March 13, 2009

The finished Project

Last night my friend and I finished our redoing of our bathroom at church. We also finished cleaning out our decorating room, where we keep all of our things. It took awhile to complete. It took hard work and sweat. It took standing back and looking at things more than once.Its funny,when we finished decorating the bathroom,we turned the light off,and closed the door,so others would be surprised when they entered.But we stood there and opened the door,flicked on the light at least four or five times,just to see it for ourselves. The change that had taken place. The new look. Last week, even a little girl came in the bathroom,when it wasn't completed yet,and said ,"wow,what happend in here?" It was great, that even a little girl noticed the change before it was done. We even stood in awe of our new cleaned out closet. We just stood and looked at the progress that was made. We were proud,but humbled that we were able to do this work. This is like our lives also. The bathroom started out not looking so great, but with each step, it looked more beautiful. The changes that take place in our lives,and the trials that come, move us, they mold us into who Christ wants us to be. We can stand a little redecorating, some moving around of stuff,and some changes.We are not a finished work yet. Christ is still working on us, teaching us, molding us to look more like Him, more beautiful. As those changes start to take place in our lives, just the little things,people notice,just like the little girl,noticing the bathroom. As we allow those changes to come, we look more beautiful, and God stands back, takes another look at what He has created, and I believe He stands in awe sometimes at what takes place. It starts in our hearts,and works outward. Although we are not anywhere near finished, God is still working on His masterpieces. As we were proud of the work we had done in the bathroom,and closet,just think how proud our Father is when we allow Him to do His work through us. Others will too,stand back and take another look,and say something is different, and be in awe of Gods glory.


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