Monday, March 16, 2009


As we fall in love with our best friend.On that day when they ask for our hand,and we say yes, we wait for that day that we stand before Christ to take those precious vows of marriage together. We take those vows,look into each others eyes,and promise to cherish, to love and to honor. We pray for that day,and for the rest of our lives, that we will be strong in our faith, letting nothing get in our of our love. We remind ourselves of that three strands of love tied together forever. In those strands, in the middle,is that strand of the Lord. We build our lives on a Godly foundation, living for Him,not ourselves. We promise to totally knock ourselves out for the other, promising never to keep score, and too be holy with one another. We look deep into one anothers eyes, saying the words, meaning the words, and praying for God to lead us. We hold hands with one another, promising to never take for granit the other, promising to always love one another. We share this moment in time before God, our family,and friends. Where do things go wrong? When do we stop giving all we have for the other? When do we take the other for granit? When do we start to think about ourselves first, and not the other? When do we let things come between us? When do we let go of that third strand holding us together? When do we just become so self absorbed that we lose track of ourselves,and forget how the other one feels? When do we stop saying "I'm sorry"? When do we really start to complain about the other,sharing with our friends how we really feel? Is it this world that changes us? The influence of other people? Is it that we just keep searching in all the wrong places for happiness? I think that is it. We tend to think the other is there to make us happy,and meet all our needs. That is Gods job. Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes by circumstances. Joy, that is something in our hearts that stays no matter what circumstances come. When we lose our relationship with Christ, everything starts to fall apart. We take our eyes off of Him, and put them on ourselves, forgetting the vows. We become selfish,not considering how the other feels, and we are no more trying to give 100% to our marriage, but to our desires of the world. Marriage is to be held precious, to be held at a high standard. When we let satan in,he will take peice, by peice of our lives, and soon before we know it we have fallen from our marriage into the arms of another. We begin not to see straight anymore, we cannot see what is true,and promising, we look the other way so we don't have to feel the pain of the other. We push the other away, so we don't have to see our guilt,and our shame. When do we forget to look up, look up to Christ as our Father, and our guide, and as our Savior? This world is full of evil, desires, and temptations. We must be strong and stand together, remembering those vows we took on that special day so long ago, that we couldn't wait for. The day we dreamed of, planned for, and shared with everyone. When will this world see the wrong in falling away from that promise, and notice that satan is there waiting to pounce on the weak, on those who have not made God their number one? Vows are to be held so sweetly,don't let them fall away, have hope, stand and fight for those vows. The only thing that should stand between you and your spouse is our Holy Savior.


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