Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Am I giving God My All?

Today while at home in my christian shirt and p.j pants, someone comes to the door. I see them pull in the drive, and start getting out. Two women and a little girl, probably in kindergarden or so. I think to myself, okay, I know who they are,and what they are doing. They came to the door with their books in hand, and I knew just by looking at them, what they were here for. They were Jehovah Witness' , they were here to share their faith with me. It was a family, a grandmother, mother, and daughter. They were dressed so nicely,and spoke with such love and care. The little one read a scripture to me, and shared that God loved me. She was a beautiful little girl, with her bible open, ready to share with me. I shared my faith with them, sharing in my christian shirt, I told them I am a christian, I believe that Jesus is my Savior, He came and died for my sins, and was coming again. I said, we have hurt, sickness,and war because of the sin in the world. I shared that I loved the Lord,and she agreed with the things I said. She even thanked me, for my honesty,and for being kind. She wanted to leave behind a book, I simply told her no thank you, all I need is my bible. They smiled and left, got in their car,and drove away. On to their next house I am sure. They were filled with so much joy,and they were ready to share with me, a total stranger. They cared enough to share the faith they hold so dear to them. As they left, I sat thinking, am I a christian who really is giving my all for God? As I sat, it just came so clear to me, that I am not doing all I should be doing for my Lord and Savior. I stand for the truths, I share, I give, I try to follow the Lord daily,but is that all I am to do for my God? I had to be honest with myself,and say I have never gone to a strangers door,and tried to share the gospel. I had to be honest,and say, I don't even share everywhere I go. Am I the example Christ has called me to be? No, I am not. Although I do not share in their beliefs, they are doing what I am not. They get in their car, and travel from place to place, meet people who are not so nice, and don't even really know what to expect when they knock on someones door. This left me feeling like a closet christian, one who says I am willing to give my all, share, and love no matter what the cost. But, thats not who I really am. We can put on our christian shirts,our necklaces, and go to church, but am I really walking the walk, and talking the talk? This family was an inspiration to me. They put their fears aside,leave satan in the dust, and they go,and go, telling everyone they meet about their faith. I had to ask myself,how many times have I had the opportunity to share,and I let it pass? How many times could I have prayed over a person, and let it go. I may have prayed to Christ quietly about them, but how much more amazing would it be for me to touch someone, and pray over them, giving them a special blessing and showing them who Jesus is? I want to be a Paul for Christ, I want to have the heart of David, and serve the Lord. I need to do more, I need to reach out more, touching others with God's love, and not letting my fears get in the way, or letting my selfish needs cover me. It was an eye opening day for me, a day when a little stranger had the love inside her to share with me, that God loves me. I want to be that little girl, with a child like faith. I want to live for Christ and give my all. How can I do that if I just sit by, and expect others to do it? In matthew28:16-20, we have the great commision set for us by Christ. It tells us to GO, and make discipiles of all nations. It tells us to teach them to obey everything God commands us. That everything is not just the things we want to do, we cannot pick and choose. We have to choose all or nothing. I cannot just give when I have time,or for those I love. The great commision was set for all to obey, for us to go and tell the gospel, sharing it with everyone we meet. I know I have wasted opportunites, I know I have let God down, for I have not been giving my all. We tend to give our all for those things important to us. This should be important enough to change us today. If we look around and see all the horror that takes place daily, watch the news and get a glimpse that our world needs Christ. How else are they going to know, unless we teach them, unless we share what we know to be true of Gods word? I want to hear my Father say, well done my good and faithful daughter. I know today, I have not given my all for Him, and am so ashamed. I should be knocking on doors, I should be out there sharing with the world. Not just concerned for my family and friends. One person can change many, it takes one to start the walk,wasn't Jesus that one person, who gave His all, and is the same yesterday, today,and tomorrow? This family made an impact on my life today, and I thank them for waking me from slumber. I thank God for sending them, and showing me in love that I can do more for Him. Christianity is not a religion, its a personal relationship with Christ. I want to make that deeper. I have been reading my bible, studying at church, doing a devotional. Why? So I can keep all that I learn to myself? We are to share what we have learned, and what we have in our hearts. We are to walk the walk, and talk the talk. Why do I wear a christian shirt, if I am not willing to give it my all? God gave us a purpose, and in that purpose it is to share the gospel. We need to do that with our hearts, and our feet in motion, how else will the lost know, if we do not show them the way? One little girl, had a precious gift today, to tell me that I was loved. What is standing in our way? That one little girl made a change in me today. What will it take to change us all, and give our all to Jesus?


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