Monday, March 16, 2009


I have always loved butterflies and drangonflies. The intricate beauty,the delicate wings, the magistic flight. The butterfly and dragonfly both go through a metamorphosis. The butterfly goes through four changes,and the dragonfly goes through three. I was always just amazed at their beauty. My children always caught them when they were young,looked at their beauty,and let them go. I used to swim alot at a friends house,and the dragonflies would land on my tummy,and I would just sit and watch them.They have a peacefulness,a quietness about them.They seem to flutter all around with such joy. When you learn of the changes that take place within them,and knowing they first were little fuzzy catapillers, makes me look at my walk with Christ. As we start out on our walk,we too look like those fuzzy catapillers, just traveling along,trying to find our way. Then once we come to know Christ,He starts changing us. we move from looking for our way, to Him leading us,and we start our own metamorphosis. We begin to change. We go through stages of growth as a christian,just as the butterfly goes through theirs. We start out a little fuzzy, then we move closer to where God wants us to be. Once we begin our changing for God, the beauty starts to shine through,and soon we too, can take flight. We soon know where we are going and what we are to do. As He changes us, molding our hearts, just as the butterfly soon comes out of his chrysalis, we too lose our old way, we shake off the old fuzziness,and begin to spread our wings. God watches over us, as we begin to take flight. Our beauty now can shine so well, and so clearly, I believe nothing is more beautiful for Christ than to see His children take flight, and let their beauty be seen all over the world. If you watch the butterfly long enough,you will see him flying, fluttering from flower to flower. You can even see them together. That is how we should be, sharing, and going from place to place, allowing others to be touched by the beauty of our Savior.


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