Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sometimes in life we are blessed with special moments that we wish we could capture for ever,some are on video,some in pictures,but the best are just close in our heart,and kept as memories forever. I think of all the little things my children did.Bringing me dandilions,little flowers from the yard,bringing me ragweed to put in a vase that I was severly allergic to.The times when they are sleeping with such peace on their faces, when they eat icecream,and it ends up all over them,when they color you that beautiful picture,that you have to ask,"What is this?" When you hear them pray for the first time all on their own. When they start to crawl,and move all over. When they lose that first tooth,and get that first haircut.When you first hear the words,I love you mommy. When they stand for each other,and cry when a brother or sister are hurting. There are so many priceless moments with our children that only last for a blink of an eye,and then they are grown.How did it happen so fast? Right before our eyes they grew into beautiful women and men.Each moment we have with them is priceless. Nothing can compare to seeing your child smile,and light up the room with laughter. These moments only last for awhile,and each has her own special moments to share.God has given us such a special gift, the love of our children,and a memory to catch a glimpse every now and then, when we pass by something and it brings a memory,or even just a smell, or a date. If we only knew then just how fast time would go by,we may have held them longer,hugged a little deeper,gave a few more butterfly kisses,and held each moment just a little longer in our minds. Take time with your children,give all you can give,and never take a moment for granit, for each moment with them is priceless.


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