Friday, March 27, 2009


There is a saying that our eyes are the windows of a persons soul. Have you ever just gone window shopping? We go and look into the windows,and see things that make us stir.Things that grab our attention,or make us take a second look.Have you seen the movies where some lost soul is peering into the window of a family having a wonderful time at Christmas? When something happens outside at my mothers retirement complex,all the people go to their windows looking to see what has happened. We clean our windows so we can see clearly all that is outside. There is somethings intriguing about looking in others windows.We watch to see how others are living,we watch to see what is on sale,we observe the neighbors through our windows. It is so interesting to look at others,and at the things that make us dream.It is much easier to look out the windows of our soul,than to peer inside ourselves.It is much easier to take a glimpse of someone,and see how we may do things different.It is much easier to judge someone just by peeking in,and not seeing the whole view.Something obstrucks our view when looking in our own windows. Many times we only see what we what to see.We place things in our lives that make our windows look better.We can move things around to make it look more inviting.So those who are looking through the glass seem to think that everything is great inside,but in reality our glass is not crystal clear.We let others see what we want them to see,and keep the real stuff hidden from view.If God were on the other side of the glass what would He see? Would He see the real you? Do we even see the real us,or do we just keep decorating,and moving things around so things look neat and tidy?Its hard to keep our windows clean and keep all the smears off,so its easy to see through.We need to stop looking outside our windows,and take a deep look inside.We often look at other windows and wish we had those things,or that perfect life.Many times we have many blessings inside,but we are so blinded by what is on the outside we forget what is placed right in front of us.We need to stop window shopping,and start looking at what we have. We don't need to shop for more,we just need to take a better glimpse of what we already have.


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