Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Allowing God to create through us

This morning a friend gave me a piece of information from a story that blessed my heart. As parents,friends,family,the special people in our lives come in,we sometimes feel that all we have done or said gets overlooked,even unnoticed by those we love and are trying to reach. We often think no one hears us or even cares to listen to our advice. Maybe the love we have given is not received. We tend to ask,"Where are you God?"We sometimes think that all we are doing is for what? But as my friend showed me,God is working behind the scenes,and putting together a beautiful creation that is in progress. It often takes awhile for this to be seen. All the things we do may go unnoticed by others,but the Lord sees all we do,and He knows our hearts.He is creating,and using us for His construction team. We have to keep in mind that although many things are unseen,they are still there,and are at work in the hearts of others. Our efforts to share love, to raise our children in Godly standards,to share with the co-worker that is lost,to do all those things that go unseen,just like our prayers,God knows and He sees all things. Lets remember,it doesnt matter if we get credit for something,if someone notices the work we have put in,or if others just turn away. Our efforts are not in vain. God takes all those that we do for Him,and uses them for His glory. It may take along time to get the project finished,but its those that take the most time,and giving the love,and praying ceasingly,that produces the greatest creations for Gods glory.The next time you see a beautiful cathedral, or something that took years to build,think of thats how God works inside our hearts. We are a work in progress, and His creations are the most beautiful.Thank you to my friend who sent me the wonderful story. It is people like her,sharing blessings that help us grow,and turn in to that beautiful creation that God is using His hands to build with the help of loving people with hearts open to Him.


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