Sunday, March 15, 2009

The plow

My husband tilled up our garden spot just a few days ago. I know this was hard for him,for he has a very bad shoulder, that needs surgery. I know it was painful for him to plow the garden. It is that time of year when the soil needs plowed, needs fertilizer, and much to begin to plant. We have to plow up the dirt first before we plant the seed. We have to bring in fertilizer before the seeds are in. We have to prepare the soil, the ground for all that we will plant. Some plant big gardens, some small, just enough for their family. We plant the seed, make sure it has lots of sunlight, water,and the plants need air. They need room to grow. We have to make sure the seed is spread apart, and it is deep down in the soil. It has to take root to grow properly. A garden is so beautiful, it is so full, and with all the different colors it makes it more so. You have to make sure you use the right tools, and tend to it everyday, picking out all the weeds, making sure they will not choke the plants. My husband loves the vegtables, me,I love the flowers. They both have their own beauty. It will take alot to keep our garden growing, we cannot just leave it to itself. It needs help,and love along the way. We can learn alot about our lives, our foundation, our truths, how to share Gods word, how to grow with the Lord ourselves, just by watching the garden. It is amazing how God has given us so much, He has given us great things to learn. We can learn by His creation,and by seeing all the beauty around us. I have learned we have to dig deep many times to make a difference. We have to put forth the sweat of our brow, through prayer, and love. For us to plant the seed in others, we first have to make sure our garden is ready, and growing steady. We can share with others how we keep the sin, the weeds, out of our garden. Its funny, everyone has their own way of planting, we can learn and share with each other, on how to really make the seed grow,and mature. The best part is bringing in the harvest. We bring in the best of our crops, we give them away, we share them with many. I enjoyed watching my husband with the plow, watching him till the garden. I imagine our father enjoys watching us tend to His garden, and helping it grow.


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