Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jesus loves me

Sometimes we get lost in who likes me, why are they mad at me, what did I do wrong, am I doing enough for others, can I do things different? There are so many questions we ask ourselves. So many times we are disappointed in ourselves,and others. We seem to just want peace and joy, love and forgiveness. We tend to look for these qualities in people,and in ourselves. These are wonderful qualities to have,but none of us can do 100% all the time, and none of us are perfect. We lose friends, family,and sometimes we lose ourselves in all the pain,hurt,and junk around us. One thing I do know, no matter what, Jesus loves me. He is there for me, He will never leave me, nor forsake me. He loves me just how I am,and doesn't expect me to change, He will do that work in me. He knows I'm not perfect, He knows I try my best,when for others it is not enough. He knows my darkest and deepest thoughts. He is the one person who I can truelly count on. I cannot put my faith in people I love, I cannot expect them to be perfect. Jesus took care of all that on the cross. He would have gotten on that cross if it was just me. How many people do we know that can say they would do that for us? I feel Him with me everyday. I can call upon His name,and He will answer.I can still crawl upon His lap,and speak to Him like no other. He listens, and is never too busy. He never calls me names, He never stays away. He is always near me, wanting to be with me more. Jesus gave His all for me and for you. He is preparing a wonderful place for us to live with Him. No worries of this world, no one can take Jesus away from me, and no one can judge me,and take my name out of His book. He loves us so much, He is giving a party with an r.s.v.p. I have answered mine, how about you? He loved me, before I ever loved Him, He called me, before I shouted out His name. What an awesome God we have, who will love us no matter what, and take us like we are. I can praise Him everyday, for the love He gives that no other can give, and He gives it to me,one who is so undeserving, but by His mercy and grace, He loves me.


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