Sunday, March 15, 2009

The book

As a person who loves to read, I go to the book stores alot. I search for the authors names, I see what is new on the shelves. Many times we look at a cover and it looks inviting,but once we start to read, we find out its not at all what it seemed to be. Sometimes we look on the back cover to read what the book is about, but even then it still is not what it seemed to be. I have gotten books that I picked up because the cover looked good, it looked fresh,and inviting. I have made that mistake many times, judging the book by the cover. Sometimes I even get a book, take it home,and start reading the first chapter,if it doesnt captivate me soon, I put it down and pick up another. That too, is a mistake. Sometimes it takes more than that first chapter to let us see the full picture of what is happening. Many times we do not see it until we get in the middle of the book. As we get to the end,things start picking up,and we finally see the truth of the matter. I have picked up books, and thought, okay, I will keep reading and see where this takes me. It is a blessing.Many times the blessing is hiding somewhere not on the cover,but in the middle. Books are full of pages, chapters, sequels. The saying "Never judge a book by its cover", is true. Some covers are beautiful, but they lack fulfillness. Just because the cover looks good, doesnt mean the book is going to be great. It takes alot of reading sometimes to understand the whole story, you cannot just skim through it, without leaving something behind. The next time you pick up a book, don't just look at the cover, or see how many pages it has. Look for a while, dig deep into the story,and see what you can find.


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