Friday, March 6, 2009

The lessons we learn

In life we seem to have those really great days when everything is beautiful,those mountain tops that we sing praise to our God. We also have those days that pop out of nowhere that shake everything in us, those valleys we go through that we're just not sure if they are ever going to end. Where ever we are, on the mountain tops or down in those valleys God is always with us. He never leaves us behind, He never forgets us, He always knows our innermost thoughts, and our deepest secrets.I have learned on those mountains, but I think I learn the most through the storms in life, the valleys that seem never ending. Its those times we feel alone and we call upon Jesus. When we realize He is all we have, He is all we need. My Savior lives, is always there for me, and He's always gonna be. He is my strength when things seem to get so hard and I feel as though I cannot go on. He picks me up with His whispers of love, His touch of forgiveness, and His everlasting love. He never fails me, He never leaves me, He never lies to me, and He never slams the door. He is there to take my hand,and lead me to where He knows is best for me. Sometimes the best place is going through those storms, He sometimes quiets the storm, but other times He quiets us while the storm rages on all around us. The best lessons in life are those hardest learned, those that have a piece of your heart, those that take us to our knees in prayer, and let us realize we cannot do it on our own. I have learned I am a humble sinner trying to live a christian life for my Savior who died for me. I mess up everyday,say things I shouldn't say, do things I shouldn't do, and I don't give as much as I should give. We all have are limits though of what we can take, and Jesus knows those limits and He is there to lift us up, guide us, and send others in our life to help us grow along the way. Each day of my life is a learning experience, I learn something new everyday. I have had long years, long months, and long days when I thought I would just go crazy not knowing what to do, or if God was listening to my prayers. He has brought me through, He has carried me,and walked with me,and I am better for each trial. When those trials come, don't be afraid, face them head on, with Gods strength, His wisdom, and His love will get you through,and teach you much along the way in this journey we call life.


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